" Mark Street combines the strengths of the city symphony, the essay-film, and the experimental film in one tender, dazzling package which conveys the weirdness and fresh humanity of daily life”.
- Phillip Lopate, Author, Film Critic

“ The globe is Mark Street’s cinematic canvas onto which he impresses shimmering reflections and lyric montage sequences”.
- Jon Gartenberg, Tribeca Film Festival

"This second volume of Street’s work ends up being symbolic of the current preoccupation with the death of film. …Yet, the vitality of his use of film is so life-affirming that it would appear that this art form will no doubt evolve and only disappear when Kodak shuts down operations. Highly recommended for film studies, cultural studies, and art". 

Recommended Educational Uses:
Urban Studies
Non-Fiction Filmmaking



Urban wanderings inspire these six experimental films -- from a collage of movie trailers found outside a Brooklyn theater, to an evocation of an Uruguayan poet's life as a bookeeper, to a compendium of vox populi interviews gleaned from city streets. Created over 10 years, this collection reveals the urban experience with verve and insight.

Trailer Trash
5 min | Video from 35mm | 2009

Theatrical trailers rescued from the trash and hand painted to hold up a funhouse mirror to the industry of expectations.

-Oblo Film Festival, Lausanne, (Switzerland), 2009
-Pantheon Film Festival, Cyprus, 2009
-PDX Festival, Portland, ME, 2009
-Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2009
-Tribeca Film Festival, 2009
-Festival de Films Contre La Nature, Marseille, France, 2009


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Collision of Parts
15 min | Video | 2010

An investigation of montage. Short segments filmed on city streets mingle and mix.

-Tribeca Film Festival, New York, NY, 2010
-Viennale, Vienna, Austria, 2010
-Onion City Film Festival, Chicago, IL 2010
-DA KINO IFF, Bucharest, Romania, 2010


Sueldo/ Licensia
8 min | Video | 2010

An adaptation of Mario Benedetti’s poems using Montevideo, Uruguay as a melancholic backdrop.


A Year
26 min | Video | 2006

A tattered diary film that meditates on the vagaries of middle age.

- Tribeca Film Festival, 2007
- Festival des Films Contre La Nature, Marseille, France, 2007
- Takoma Park Film Festival, Takoma Park, MD 2007

A Year

Brooklyn Promenade
3 min | 16 min/ DVCam | 2001

A walk in Brooklyn after 9/11 allows the filmmaker’s children to reflect on what just happened.


19 min | Beta SP | 2000

“Are you happy?” This simple query, asked of hundreds of passers by in NYC, led to a series of ruminations about the passage of time and the nature of contentment.

Cuadro por Cuadro ( Frame by Frame)
8 min | Video | 2009 (directed with Lynne Sachs)

A documentary of a workshop taught in Montevideo, Uruguay in which participants handpaint found footage.

-Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Academy of Art, 2010
-Other Cinema, ATA, SF, 2010


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